Songs from Riverdale (Ep 1 & 2)


Riverdale’s soundtrack gives me eargasm!

I recently downloaded songs from the series’ episodes 1 & 2 and it’s already on repeat for three consecutive days. (And those are just songs from ep 1 & 2, imagine the whole season)

Here are my top ten favorite songs from the two episodes:

  1. No Stranger by Small Black (Ep. 1)Scene: When Archie went to Pop’s to go find Betty but found Jughead  instead. Archie approaches Jughead and asks him if he could sit with him to which Jughead replies, “If you want”. The two talks about Jughead’s novel about the summer that had just passed and about the death of Jason Blossom, their conversation then transitions to Archie asking if Jason Blossom even lived his life to the fullest; if he even knows what he was doing to Jughead giving Archie advice to clear things off with Betty.

Thoughts: This is song just pure amazing…hands down. Listening to this song lifts my soul, (I don’t why, though).

2. Sa Riera by T.R.O. (Ep. 2)
Scene: When Archie and Veronica are walking home from Pop’s. The two discusses how they both ruined their friendship with Betty. Archie then tells Veronica how Betty tutored him when they were in second grade so that he wouldn’t be left a grade behind and that when he passed, he kissed Betty and  proposed to her.

Thoughts: Can I just say that this song fits the scene perfectly? Plus the song itself is soothing and calmin.

3. Trouble by Cage the Elephant (Ep. 2)
Scene: Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica hanging out at Pop’s with Jughead’s voice over telling them how they looked like normal kids at that booth as Pop’s bright neon lights keeps the darkness at bay. The scene transitions to Archie going to Principal Weatherbee’s office to tell him about what he knows about what happened at July 4th but didn’t have the chance to. Principal Weatherbee and Sheriff Keller leaves the office to go to the Science room for Cheryl. Cheryl then confesses that she’s guilty about Jason’s case in front of her classmates, the two adults then takes her in and we hear Jughead’s voice over telling that the autopsy revealed that Jason didn’t die on July 4th but on July 11th.

4. Tell Me by Johnny Jewel (ft. Soairse Ronan)
Scene: When Jughead’s voice over describes their town, Riverdale and different locations of Riverdale was shown. The scene began focusing on the Blossom twins, Jughead then tells that their town’s story began with what the Blossom twins did at the morning of July 4th. Jason and Cheryl then went for an early morning boat ride at Sweetwater river.

5. Number One by Tove Styrke (Ep. 1)
Scene: When Archie agrees to got with the dance with Betty and Veronica then the scene transitions to Betty dancing around her room after making it to the cheerleading squad, The River Vixens and being Archie’s date.

6. The Passenger by Hunter As A Horse (Ep. 1)
Scene:  Kevin and Moose are getting ready to go skinny dipping after the school dance but then they  found Jason’s dead body at the river, Moose then concluded that Jason was shot after seeing a bullet hole in his forehead. The scene then transitions to the morning after that, people were gathering as Jason’s body was being carried for autopsy.

Thoughts: This song is hella creepy but awesome at the same time; it gives me the chills. The way they used it in episode one was great (when they find Jason’s dead body)

7. Candy Girl (Sugar, Sugar) by Riverdale Cast (Josie and the Pussycats) (Ep. 2)
Scene: The River Vixens performing their cheerleading routine to the song performance of Josie and the Pussycats during the school’s pep rally.

Thoughts: This is song is really catchy to be honest. Josie and the Pussycat’s revival of this hit song from the 70’s is tuneful it makes you want to grove with River Vixens’ performance.


8. The Song that Everyone Sings by Riverdale Cast (KJ Apa)
Scene: When Veronica was looking for a place to sit she spots Archie, Kevin and Betty and decided to join them. She walks over to them as Archie was playing his song for Betty and Kevin to hear.

Thoughts: Wow, AJ Kapa can sing! This song + his voice is so soothing.

9. Boyfriend by Tegan and Sara (Ep. 1)
Scene: When Cheryl decided to play Seven Minutes of Heaven during her party, she picks Archie as the first one to go on the closet and Reggie agrees. Cheryl spins the bottle to find out who’ll be play the game with Archie and it landed between Veronica and Betty but Cheryl says it’s clearly pointing at Veronica

10. I Took A Pill in Ibiza  by  Mike Posner (Ep. 1)
Scene: When Archie, Veronica and Betty arrives at the school dance.

Thoughts: I’m not a big fan of electro pop, I only listen to a few but the beat of this song is stuck in my mind for days now.



Check out more of Riverdale’s soundtrack here



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