About the Blog:

I have always wanted to start my own writing blog. This is my second attempt in creating a writing blog. The first one was on tumblr, but sadly it didn’t work out. Until I stumbled upon wordpress.com.

This blog  is created to inspire and enlighten people using my given talent through an anthology of my thoughts and feelings as well my adventures as I navigate life as an introverted bookworm and fangirl with big dreams and hopes in life. This blog is also fashioned to satisfy the OC girl in me by categorizing my works into different categories:

  • Introspection (Articles)
  • Life Update
  • Movie Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Poems
  • Open Letters
  • Stories
  • TV Series



Meet the Blogger:

Kath’s the name and writing is my game. I’m a TV, film, writing & art enthusiast. My passion for scribing words and making art has led my works to have a space in magazines & websites.

My passion for writing started at a young age, I attempted to write several novels at age 10 by buying notebooks and filling them with words and bringing them to life after being inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,  At age 12, during my sixth grade in Elementary School, I won an essay writing contest as a first timer. Beginner’s luck? No. It’s my  passion for writing.

During my pre-teen years, I was obsessed with a magazine for pre teens called Total Girl. I appeared in that magazine four times and even experienced my first (legit) photoshoot for a publication. After witnessing staff writers doing their job at Summit Media, I dream of contributing to the magazines that helped me survive and slightly influenced me to become what I am right now.

I spent my four years in Junior High School enhancing my skills in writing and developing interest in filmmaking. That same year, I became the Managing Editor for the campus paper, secretary for Communication Arts Club, a scriptwriter and an extra for Communication Arts Club Indie Film Fest and club secretary of our campus’ Book Lovers Club (for the second time in a row).

As most teenagers, I struggled finding who I really am.  I doubted myself as a writer for a short amount of time after losing an out of school writing contest for the category short stories. A month after that, I regained my confidence after one of my pieces got published in my favorite magazine, Candy (Total Girl’s sister mag)’s website on February 2016. My second article was featured on the same website on June 28, 2016, my third one on December 2016 and  my fourth article was featured last January 2017.

I am also a lover and maker of arts. I make traditional and digital arts and share them on social media to help inspire people through the artworks I make. Several of my artworks got included in FILED’s Fun on Fleek Planner Launch Art Exhibit on November 2017 at Century City Mall in Makati and the second time my artwork got included in an art exhibit was last March 2018 as part of UST CSC Limitless: An Anti Stigma Campaign   at UST Plaza Mayor. Recently I won a contest hosted by Caring Cup, a community under The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, where I got the opportunity to share my perspective, thoughts and voice about woman empowerment through the thing I am passionate about, making art. Luckily, my artwork  made it to the top 10 and is now under the process of being made into a greeting card for the said coffee brand.

I am currently enhancing my skills in scriptwriting and production management. I am often asked to do scripts for school projects and conceptualize story ideas. I am creative, passionate and determined to make my ideas come to life.


Discover More About the Dreamer:

Seventeen years of existence in this amazing and messed up world. I’m an introverted bookworm who loves doing typographies and lettering during my leisure time. My hobbies include reading, writing and binge watching. I’m an amateur artist and an aspiring author, magazine writer and script/screenplay writer, director of photography, showrunner and production manager.

I’m a day dreamer, completely untouched by reality. I am young, lost and confused. I am still trying to figure out who I am and what purpose I hold instead of just being a lost soul walking on the lands of Gaea and being an insurgent to society. Determined to find true happiness, I am ready to leave my comfort zone and satisfy my thirst for adventure

Fangirl with me!

I’m a…

►Elleth from Middle Earth


♥ Silver Direwolf ♥

♥ The Book Thief of Hogwarts ♥

♥ Lost Girl of Neverland ♥

♥ The Misfit of Wonderland ♥

♥ The Ultimate Hybrid ♥


Hogwarts House: Slytherin 😉

Godly Parent: Hermes

Disctrict: 1

Faction: Dauntless 😀

Glader Group: Runner

Weapon: A wand that turns into any kind of weapon I like (bow and arrow, sword, lasso)


~TV Shows I’m obsessed with~

►The 100
►Once Upon A Time
►Teen Wolf
►The Flash
►The Umbrella Academy
►Stranger Things
►The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
►The Vampire Diaries
►The Walking Dead
►Avatar: The Last Airbender
►Teen Titans

♥ I will go down with these ships ♥
►BatCat (Bruce Wayne x Selina Kyle) (Gotham)
►Barney Stinson x Robin Sherbatsky
►Captain Swan


♫ Artists/Bands I love because of their hella good songs ♫
►Taylor Swift
►Ed Sheeran
►All Time Low
►Panic! At The Disco
►Twenty One Pilots
►Fall Out Boy
►The 1975
►The Script

►Simple Plan
►The Maine
►Of Monsters and Men


☼Favorite Movies☼
►Peter Pan (2003)
►Warm Bodies
►Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
►easy A
►Me and Earl and The Dying Girl
►The Breakfast Club
►Lady Bird
►The Duff
►The Maze Runner
►Sixteen Candles
►The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
►New Year’s Eve



☼Favorite Movie Series☼
►The Harry Potter Movie Series
►Middle Earth Movie Series
►DC Extended Universe
►Marvel Cinematic Universe
►The Maze Runner Movie Series
►Pirates of the Caribbean Movie
►X-Men Movie Series


☼Favorite Movie Soundtracks☼
►Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
►Paper Towns
►Warm Bodies
►Begin Again
►The Greatest Showman


☼Favorite TV Series Soundtracks☼
►Teen Wolf
►The Vampire Diaries
►Pretty Little Liars
►Stranger Things


☼Favorite Book Series☼
►The Harry Potter Series
►Percy Jackson and The Olympians
►Heroes of Olympus
►The Maze Runner Series
►Middle Earth Series


☼Favorite Books☼
►Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
►The Beginning of Everything
►The Improbable Theory of Ana & Zak
►Anatomy of a Misfit
►Falling into Place
►Looking For Alaska
►It’s Kind of a Funny Story
►Perks of being a Wallflower

Connect with me:

Tumblr: littlemissendlessdreamer.tumblr.com

Instagram: @littlemissendlessdreamer (Artwork)

@kathslavie (Personal)

Wattpad: @LittleEndlessDreamer

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