When You’re Still Trying To Find Your Purpose

Hey Guys! I have amazing news!

Another one of my article got published on candymag.com The first one was ‘Being Yourself–and Different is Okay’. It was published on February 24, 2016. Sadly, I was quite busy with school life and it was late when I found out my article got featured. I was so happy and proud that time. Getting published on my favorite magazine’s website is surreal. I liked the blissful and satisying feeling of seeing your name on the byline so I thought of sending more articles.

So yesterday, when I logged in on Candy Magazine’s website, my heart lurched with excitement and my eyes grew wide when I saw a familiar name on an article’s byline. It was my name. I didn’t realize the article was mine because it was originally entitled: ‘To a Nobody finding her purpose to be a Somebody’. But I guess Candy Magazine changed it. Lol, I have to admit I struggled with finding the perfect title for the article.

And here it is everybody, my second article that got featured on the pages of candymag.com



Credits to the candymag.com’s talented graphic designer Ms. Clare Magno for the beautiful article cover


“You’re 16, and life isn’t supposed to be figured out yet.”

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A Bittersweet Beginning

I have always wanted to start my own writing blog…and here it is!

This is my second attempt in creating a writing blog. The first one was on tumblr, but sadly it didn’t work out. Since I already have a main tumblr blog, (littlemissendlessdreamer.tumblr.com) which I have been managing for six years,  I started to get bored with the second tumblr account I created which is mainly for my writings. I wanted to explore more than just tumblr, so I end up deleting endlessdreamersjournal.tumblr.com.(Plus, I got so pissed off with my theme because it’s utterly complicated and very difficult to tweak that I just have to extirpate the whole blog)

Thus, I stumbled upon wordpress.com.

Creating an account for wordpress made me fretful. I couldn’t shove off the worries inside my head. ‘What if this doesn’t work out like the first one?’, ‘What if I have major writer’s block and have nothing to write and share with my readers?’, ‘What if no one reads my blog anyway?’

I had a short contemplation before taking another risk in my life; overcoming my fears of sharing my thoughts to the world. Heck, that’s what life is for anyway, I thought. Taking risks and chances. If something scares you and makes you ecstatic at the same time…do it.

The day I created this wordpress account was bittersweet. Yes, I feel so relieved, anxious and felicitous about sharing my thoughts to the world, but at the same time…our family dog died. I want to thank him for the best ten years he has given us. There is no other Labrador that can replace him. Our maid rushed to my room telling me that he is not moving–and breathing at all. I had to stop exploring wordpress because of utter shock and sadness.

I know he is in  a better place right now. REST IN PEACE, TBONE. The greatest black lab to ever walk on Earth.

Anyway, let’s not tear up while reading my first post.

For the next few days, weeks or months…expect this page to be such a clutter. I’m still getting used to wordpress since the only knowledge I have about blogs are about tumblr. In fact, why don’t you guys follow me: littlemissendlessdreamer.tumblr.com


I worked very hard to achieve the tumblr blog I want. It took me years and a lot of editing and tweaking. And I guess with my new blog here in wordpress, it’s back to square one.

But I guess that’s okay. I have a whole new website to explore. Exploration is in my blood (and zodiac sign) I’m ready to leave my comfort zone (Tumblr) and explore a whole new world.