My Long Journey of Entering the World of K-Drama


As far as I can remember, Asian Dramas have been part of pop culture for a long time now, in fact, I can still remember bits and pieces of the Taiwanese version of Meteor Garden (2001) even though I was still a young kid back then and to be honest, I have no idea what was going on 80% of the time. I can’t comprehend complex dramas yet because my four or five-year-old self would still yearn for cartoons and kid shows, my cognitive skills are still in the level of answering every question asked by Dora the Explorer. All I know is that I was very fond of the character named ‘Shan Cai’ and the male group “F4” is massively popular back then that I’d see their faces everywhere—from posters, stickers, cheap merchandise on the streets, billboards and commercial, heck I even danced and sang along to their famous single ‘Oh Baby’.

Over the years, I’d still catch a few episodes of other Asian Dramas, particularly, Korean Drama. I remember giggling over “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” and “Boys Over Flowers” (which was hugely popular) when I was still in Elementary school. However, I’d only watch it whenever I had the chance to or when I stumble upon it on TV, I wasn’t really keen on watching the drama day by day. Normally, I’d watch all episodes on its premiere week but as time progresses, I was bound to miss an episode or two due to school work and I’d lose interest in playing catch up. After that, if there’s nothing else good on TV and I stumble upon these shows, I’d watch it with the itching question of ‘what the hell is going on?’ since I missed a few episodes in between.

Fast forward to 2010s, the K-Drama craze continued to thrive, in fact, it even became more popular (as in really popular, really.) 2016-2017 was the year I became fully aware of the whole K-Drama obsession. Everyone was talking about it and it all started with ‘Goblin’ and then I’d hear other shows like ‘Weightlifting Fairy’, ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ and ‘Descendants of the Sun’. I couldn’t escape it, everywhere I go, it was the talk of every magazine, website, every conversation I hear in the hallway and inside the classroom. It was everywhere. E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. Korean Drama became an even larger portion of pop culture, especially here in Asia, and as someone who grew up and fell in love with Western Pop Culture, I continued obsessing over Riverdale, The Walking Dead, The CW Shows, and other fandoms, and just ignored and learned to live with the whole K-Drama craze.

A year later, something sparked my interest and jump-started my curiosity in Asian Dramas. Everyone started talking about ‘F4’ again, at first I just thought it’s because they are a timeless and classic male group, however, I was taken by surprise when I found out that there’s a Chinese remake of 2001’s Meteor Garden. (Yes, I was living under a rock, but truth be told, I was clouded by my Western fandoms, that I was too blind to pay attention to Asian Pop Culture). I never intended to watch an episode or watch the whole series even, but all that changed when I was able to watch an episode while riding the bus home. I remembered my childhood and I’d lie if I say that I didn’t find the actors who play the members of this new version of F4 cute, especially Darren Chen who plays Hua Ze Lei. What’s interesting is that I have always likened Hua Ze Lei, be it the Taiwanese version or the Korean version, ‘Boys Over Flowers’. There’s something about this cool-headed character I seemed to be drawn to more than the lead male, Dao Ming Si who embodies a typical arrogant, hot-headed bad boy.

Now, why am I blabbing about a Chinese drama remake of Meteor Garden when it’s not even a Korean Drama series and the title of this blog post says ‘My Long Journey of Entering the World of K-Drama’, well, my lovely dreamer readers, watching a few episodes of Meteor Garden (2018) and jumping into the craze sparked my interest about the whole K-Drama obsession a lot of people was caving about. When the K-Drama craze was on its peak during 2017, I didn’t completely jump into the bandwagon and I wasn’t open-minded enough to watch TV Series with a language I don’t understand and just rely on subtitles. The Asian Dramas I used to watch back then were dubbed and with the rise of streaming services, various K-Drama shows are now accessible. Sure, I’d catch a glimpse of it whenever my block mates would air Korean TV Shows by connecting their laptops to our classroom’s Smart TV, but I never really paid attention to it. Usually, I was busy doing other requirements for different course subjects and would lift my head from time to time if a scene piques my interest.

Now that I am more welcoming towards Korean Drama, I started watching Goblin around September of last year—and I. Was. Hooked. Goblin is the first Korean Drama I binge-watched and it was the first Korean Drama I’ve watch in Korean. It wasn’t dubbed and I was quite glad with the experience since I got to learn a few Korean words. This show broke my misconception towards K-drama; that all K-Dramas follow the same formula and is just angled towards cheesy and sappy love stories. Despite Goblin centered on the relationship between Kim Shin and Ji Eun-Tak, I was still astounded by its plot—its twists and turn and modern take on deities, grim reapers, and reincarnation. I am a proud fan of fantasy stories and the elements injected in this show to pass as a fantasy drama gave me a new perspective about mythologies, specifically an Asian lens in the world of the Gods since I was used to seeing it through Rick Riordan’s established world of the Gods in Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Series. Sure, there weren’t counterparts of Zeus, or Poseidon or any other Greek or Roman Gods we know of, instead, it creates its own concept.

Goblin was also my go-to happy pill during the time when the semester was becoming burdensome and I had no motivation to socialize with the people around me. I was enduring an extreme case of separation anxiety from my previous block in Senior High School and still trying to warm up to my college block mates. The workload wasn’t a burden since I got the hang of the university’s system since I’ve been studying there for three years now, but Goblin helped me cope up with separation anxiety and it got me through tough times. I know what I did is use it as an escape from reality and I tend to do that, but I was just really happy I took a chance on K-Drama.

After completely fallen head over heels for the series, Goblin, I decided to watch “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” since it was becoming popular at the time and even dubbed as one of the most popular Korean Drama of the year. Again, I am amazed how this Korean Drama makes me fall in love with their characters and storylines, once again, my misconception about Korean Dramas only having cheesy romances is broken. I never thought that Korean Dramas also include heavy storylines, character arcs, plot twists,  and interesting supporting characters. Because of this, I decided to spend my Christmas and Semester Vacation by catching up on all the K-Dramas, since I was late for jumping into the whole K-Drama craze.

As of today, I’ve watched Goblin, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Draw by Clouds, Fight For My Way and Legend of the Blue Sea. I plan to watch more Korean Drama since it serves as a happy pill and a breather from reality. Here’s to watching more Korean Dramas in the future.


The CW’s Elseworlds

Since 2014, The CW made it an annual tradition to make crossover episodes of some (if not all) DC TV Series currently airing in their network. The crossover usually consists of two or more TV shows namely Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow clashing together in three or four-part storyline, however, for this year’s Arrowverse crossover, Legends of Tomorrow is skipping this one out after being part of the said television event in 2016  (Invasion!) and 2017 (Crisis on Earth X).


This year’s crossover is different from prior crossover event since it introduces a character from a TV Series that hasn’t premiered on the network yet, in fact, the solo series is still in under production and is scheduled to premiere fall of this year. Ruby Rose plays Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, who roams around the streets of Batman-less Gotham, to snuff out the failing city’s criminal resurgence.

The crossover episode went on a great start. It even ignited anticipation and excitement when the preview of the Elseworlds episode was shown in The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl. The scene previews the aftermath caused by Novu, one of the main villain, but even though the whole scene comprised of darker tones, every DC fan knows that particular scene was full of easter eggs, especially when the camera panned to several bodies lying on the ground, which features all too familiar costumes, armor and weapons used by well-known heroes in the DC universe.

The first part which aired as an episode of The Flash, starts the storyline by an introductory conflict: Barry Allen and Oliver Queen’s life has been switched. The two tries to convince Team Flash about the odd situation they are in, however, the team becomes skeptical and both Barry and Oliver ended in being locked up in the pipeline, because of this, it pushed Barry and Oliver to take extreme measures by going to Earth-38 and to ask Kara for help. As Barry and Oliver jump into a portal to Earth-38, it previewed an all-to-familiar farm-house and song that will surely make every Smallville fan’s heart melt.  This particular scene flooded my system with nostalgia, hearing Smallville’s opening theme song, ‘Save Me’ by Remy Zero brought back memories about the TV Series. Sure, I didn’t really follow Smallville from the beginning since I’m basically still a small kid when it first hit the small screen, and I’d rather watch the animated version of Justice League and Teen Titans, but it gave me time to sentiment all the sleepless night I had binge-watching the series. I even dedicated an Instagram story over how much I’m overjoyed at hearing that familiar song again.

For this part of the crossover, we are again welcomed by Tyler Hoechlin’s charm at playing Clark Kent and we finally see Elizabeth Tulloch play the titular role of Lois Lane, and she brought with her that eagerness and earnest attitude. So far, the only baddie the protagonists encounter is a robot named A.M.A.Z.O., which is an android that analyzes and copies metahuman’s powers. Quite similar to the Sentinels of Marvel’s X-Men. The episode concluded with one mystery answered and now, our three heroes are headed to Gotham to find more answers to the mystery of why Barry and Oliver switched lives and the people involved in Cisco’s vision. To be honest, when the camera zoomed to focus on the Wayne Enterprises building, I squealed, well, because, it’s Gotham. Our heroes are headed to freakin’ Gotham and it only means one thing, Batwoman’s coming.

The best portion about the second part which took over in Arrow is seeing Ruby Rose in action as Batwoman. Gotham has been portrayed a lot of times on-screen and after recently finished seeing the season 1 finale of DC Universe’s TITANS where it shows Gotham as a complete mess after Batman has gone rogue and of course, FOX’s Gotham where Gotham was explored more and given more depth since the whole series is centered around it and its inhabitants (and they don’t have a screen time to follow like the ones on the big screen), The CW’s vision of Gotham is still a little bit boring and too nice compared to TITANS and Gotham. Where’s the grit? The darkness? The gloomy facade? The unsettling feeling you get? Even Arkham Asylum or the GCPD didn’t give off a Gotham-like aesthetic (or maybe I’m used and biased on FOX’s Gotham?) I really hope to explore more of Gotham in The CW’s Batwoman.

Another highlight of this episode that I enjoyed is the relationship between Kate Kane and Kara Danvers. Ruby Rose and Melissa Benoist’s chemistry on-screen is natural and undeniably cute, I could really see them being partners or doing a team-up in future episodes.

And this is where it all went downhill. The third part was a complete knock off and sorry not sorry, but corny, senseless and absurd. We finally know the real motives of our villains and for me, it’s just shallow. It was like the plot isn’t that polished and well thought of. The whole rewriting stories and destinies using a magical book have already been done on screen, in the form of a magical pen in ABC’s Once Upon A Time. John Wesley Ship’s character as The Flash of Earth-90 was such wasted potential, instead, was just used as a plot device, a warning device for our heroes in Earth-1. Just as adrenaline is pumping seeing our heroes in action with the iconic John Wesley Ship as the Flash, he disappears like dust, and we never get to see him again. Don’t even begin to mention the book, it looks like a prop from high school play and the whole scene where Superman and Deegan opening the book to rewrite or bring back reality was cringey.

In conclusion, The CW’s fifth annual crossover event was a bit off for me, it wasn’t as grand and majestic as the previous team-ups. The central conflict and villains weren’t enough to make the plot stronger, it came off as mediocre. In millennial word, it’s meh. Despite all this weak plot and antagonist, smaller details, parts and highlights such as the Smallville theme song, Batwoman in action and the small moments between Kate and Kara are the things I enjoyed most in this three-part crossover event.

In the end, it didn’t really live up to my expectation, Invasion! is still the best crossover for me followed by Heroes Joins Forces, Crisis on Earth X and Flash vs Arrow.



Most of The CW’s DC TV shows were on hiatus after the Elseworld episodes. The Flash returns today, January 15th; Arrow onSupergirl on January 20th and Arrow on January 21st. Batwoman is slated to premiere fall of this year.

My Mission as a Writer

The last time I saw my name on the byline of a featured article on a website was a year ago, January 24, 2017 to be exact. It was my fourth article featured on

Due to heavy workloads my university requires and different hobbies and goals I prioritized, I decided to push writing and submitting articles aside and focus on my academics, artistic exploits and personal growth, and besides I was enduring a painful writer’s block, I couldn’t finish one article or paper unless it was for school work.  I knew I have to bring back my mojo and rekindle my love for contributing articles someday and I prayed everyday that I find it soon but no luck came. If there’s anything good that came out of hiding in the shadows as a writer, it was me shining as an artist.

As I was still feeling the euphoria of getting my artworks in two different exhibits, one was FILED’s Fun On Fleek Planner Launch Art Exhibit on November 2017 and University of Santo Tomas Central Student Council’s Limitless: An Anti- Stigma Campaign Art exhibit on March 2018, I stumbled upon Caring Cup’s #ArtForEmpowerment Contest and luckily, my artwork made it to the top 10. After that, I  monitored the online community’s page for opportunities to join their contests and hopefully win some e-coupons for myself and the chance to share my work to millions of people. As I was scrolling through their feed, I was enticed by an article so I clicked the link and read the piece but I didn’t notice the description attached to the link the first time I laid my eyes on it, so  I read it the post description attached and viola! Turns out every month they look for contributors who want to share their story through written article or an artwork in accordance to their Giving Journal monthly theme.  I knew this was my chance and I knew that this time, I have to step up as a writer again. So I grabbed my sword and wrote with my heart.



June 2018 Giving Journal Theme:

“It’s not what you have. It’s what you do with what you have”

People can possess a lot of things—things that range from material ones to talents, skills, and abilities. But what intrigues me the most is what people do with what they possess. A number of wealthy people use their wealth to help make the world a better place by donating their money to charities, others fall in the state of blindness for the treasure they have and eventually goes into corruption and greediness. A number of people use their talents and skills not for the betterment of their lives but for creating something that destroys themselves or the well-being of others; take Dr. Poison from the well acclaimed movie Wonder Woman, she has the skills and intellect of an inventor & scientist but instead of devoting her abilities & time to serve the good, she uses her talents for the wrong reasons. Point being is that how people use with that they have is none of our business, it is their possession & life after all and from what I have observed, it usually falls on either side of the good and bad.

I, however, am gifted with a lot of things. I am gifted with the burning passion and determination of an aspiring filmmaker, writer, and artist. I am gifted with empathy & compassion. But most of all, I am gifted with an immense infatuation for the arts; I am given the talent of painting & creating images and scribing words and bringing them to life.

Focusing on the thing I love doing most, my passion for writing started at a young age, I attempted to write several novels at age 10 by buying notebooks and filling them with words after being inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. At age 12, during my sixth grade in Elementary School, I won an essay writing contest as a first timer. Beginner’s luck? No. It’s my passion for writing.

When I knew I was gifted with such passion for writing, I realized what I have and what I must do in order to give God’s gift justice. I use my talent to inspire people through the words I write, but before I got to experience the euphoria of using the talent that I have to inspire and enlighten people, including myself, I had to endure the painful taste of failure. I lost an out of school writing contest for the short story category and it profoundly affected my motivation in being a writer. Writing is the only thing I have that keeps me sane when reality begins to get rough, it’s my medium to let all my emotions out, it’s the talent that I can proudly parade and hearing that I lost made me question my future in that field.  Every representative in our school won, except me. I fell into a short state of depression and anxiety.

After a month of doubting myself as a writer and brooding inside my room, I regained my confidence after one of my pieces got published in on February 2016, my second article was featured on the same website on June 2016, my third one on December 2016 and my fourth article was featured last January 2017. What’s more fulfilling than seeing my name on the byline was inspiring hundreds of people through my words. I read all the heart-warming comments they left, I got a lot of messages from different people telling me that they loved my article because they can relate to it and that it inspired them. I may not own billions of dollars or mountains of diamonds but using my talent in writing to inspire other people made me feel like I’m on cloud nine.

Knowing that I have the power to inspire people through the words that I bring to life made me realize that I should use this talent for a great cause. As a collector and hoarder, I possess a lot of material items but what I give importance is the gift of eloquence through the words that I write. What I have is the talent of creating stories and the passion of bringing them to life. It may not be much but this is something that cannot be taken away from me. I am gifted with words, and I use that gift wisely because I know that words have the power to either inspire people or destroy them.

To interpret this month’s 2018 Giving Journal theme, it doesn’t matter if you carry  great amount of treasures in your pocket or none at all; what you have does not only rely on blessings that can be handheld, touched or seen with the naked eye, it can also be something that you possess internally or subjectively and it doesn’t matter if you are a gifted person or not, what you do with what you have–your talents, skills, and abilities, (and hopefully for the good reason) is what counts.


You can also view this article on Caring Cup’s website, by clicking the link here.

Caring Cup #ArtThatEmpowers: I Will Not Be Silent


It has been four months since I saw a post by Caring Cup, an online community of the brand The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, announcing that they will be having a contest with the theme #ArtForEmpowerment in celebration of Women’s Month and chosen artworks will be made into greeting cards in partnership with Paper Project PH.

For someone who has experienced the euphoria of submitting artworks and getting them included in two different art exhibits, I didn’t want to let this opportunity pass, I was feeling optimistic and hopeful so I hastily opened my calendar from my iPad and set its deadline; at the very last day of Women’s month.

Before I submitted my lovely art piece I had to endure weeks of artist’s block. The days passed by until suddenly, the deadline was a just a week away, plus drowning in school work and preliminary examinations didn’t help at all. Luckily, Easter break came right after the last day of exams and I finally had the time to focus on my artwork. However, it doesn’t mean that I finally had the time means I can get work done easily. Having no motivations and inspiration hindered me from finishing my work, I created various artworks but I knew in my heart that it just wasn’t right; the piece lacks grandeur, it’s not picturesque enough or does not have a connection to me, therefore might not have the same connection to the beholders.

I was ready to drop the contest when inspiration hit me (I know cliche, right?).  Thus, my artwork entitled: “I Will Not Be Silent” was born.

I Will Not Be Silent


Here’s the story behind the artwork:

I Will Not Be Silent is inspired by Madeleine Albright. I chose this quote because women empowerment is becoming a very prominent act all over the world, and recently several movement has inspired women to come out of the shadows and share their story to the world, whether if it’s a good and inspiring story or a tragic one. For a long time women didn’t have a voice. They didn’t have a say on certain fields; they have always been looked down because the world has been accustomed to a patriarchal system. But now, women are starting to have a VOICE. Women everywhere are starting to get heard and once a woman finds her voice, she will never back down and never be silenced again.

Smart In My Own Way

It’s been a year since my article “Smart In My Own Way” got published on This is the fourth time my work got featured and I still feel like I’m on cloud nine every time I read my name on the byline. I’ve been on hiatus submitting articles on that website because I wanted to prioritize creating content here on my wordpress blog.

Anyhow, here it is. Enjoy!


“Smart In My Own Way”


I don’t get how some people can be so good in Mathematics. They say that you can learn to do all things but trust me, I’ve been trying to understand that subject since I was in grade school. And yet here I am, I’ve been alive for 17 years and I still give my teachers a confused look—narrow eyes, creases on forehead, and furrowed eyebrows every time they discuss they explain something to me.

I started hating the subject more when it became society’s basis for intelligence. Somehow they have forgotten about other things like the arts, creativity, how quick your mind responds to certain situations, leadership, resourcefulness, and a lot of amazing talents and skills which I consider to be very astounding.

After four years in high school, I’ve accepted that I am not really good with numbers. I would cringe at the thought of solving word problems. Sometimes, I would just give up and won’t even bother answering the questions or solving the problems. I would feel down knowing that our lesson for Science is all about Physics; I just don’t get the idea of knowing why balls roll. I would cry after learning that I have to survive Trigonometry

I was losing hope and though I was still doing great in other subjects and maintained my rank in class, I felt stupid—like I’m not smart at all, like I’m worthless. One guy in fifth grade even commented on how bad I was at Math. Back then, I wanted to cry but now I want to turn back time and tell him, “Yes, I know. But it’s not the end of the world for me now, is it?”

And that is true. It doesn’t mean that if something’s weighing you down, it’s the end of the world. We have our own strengths and weaknesses for a reason. They build us and make us different from each other. We have to know our weaknesses and accept them, deal with them, and maybe even find ways to fight them. We should also be familiar with our strengths, enhance them, and use them for good.

I spent my four years in high school honing my skills in writing because it is my strength. It is my way of communicating my feelings and thoughts. I joined our school’s Communication Arts Club and even became the club secretary during my 10th grade. I love attending seminars and workshops about scriptwriting, acting, and movie making. I was our school paper’s managing editor, and I excel both in English and Journalism. I even participated in our Communication Arts Club Indie Film as scriptwriter and as an extra as well.

I focused more on the things I love doing instead of focusing on my weaknesses. Finding out the things I am good at made me enthusiastic about life again.

Intelligence is not only measured by how high one’s grades are or how well someone does in class. True intelligence is knowing who you are and loving every part of you.

It is knowing your strengths, skills, and talents and using them for righteous deeds—being an inspiration or a role model to people or even making the world a better a place.

I may not be smart with numbers, but I know one thing: we are all smart in our own ways. I am smart with words, and I use that gift wisely because I know that words have the power to either inspire people or destroy them.


This article was originally posted here: I’m Smart In My Own Way.

Hey 2017, Thanks.

“Hey, 2017! Thanks, you weren’t that shitty after all.”

You were a blast and I just want to thank you for these amazing surprises and discoveries as well as all the opportunities and risk I took during your reigning year:

  • January 2017: Started ABC’s Daily Journal 
    – Though I didn’t keep it up during the latter half of the year because my schedule and load work hindered me from updating, it was still fun (and tiring) to keep a journal, scrapbook style.


  • January 2017: Paper Towns Movie and Movie Soundtrack
    – I had a major hangover for this movie


  • January 2017: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    – “This is the movie that didn’t glamorize cancer. It’s beautiful. This is the movie that tells us life is full of unexpected turn of events and it is short. This is  the movie that left me in awe. It’s beautiful.” (Read my review here)


  • January 2017: “I Am Smart in My Own Way”
     – another article of mine got featured on (Read it here)

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#FILEDFunOnFleek Art Exhibit


For the past few months I’ve been sending some of my works to online magazines and websites to get my artworks, photographs and writings featured but no such luck came to me and all I received were emails saying I didn’t make the cut or nothing at all. Nevertheless, I didn’t let it hinder me from finding more opportunities to get my works out there and inspire people through my works.

Last Monday, November 6, I was stressed and in a hurry to compile all of my blockmates YouTube links for our Job Interview Activity for our Media and Information Literacy subject and send it to our professor by 5pm. Of course, like I anticipated it, some sent their link later than my deadline. After pouring my disappointment in our class group chat and while waiting for the others to send me their links, I decided to check my email and make a draft explaining and apologizing to our professor why I wasn’t able to send the complete list on time.

Tapping the mail icon on my ipad, I instantly saw two unread emails but something caught my attention, one was from an odd email address that is surely new to my eyes; it wasn’t from the usual email addresses I receive containing newsletters and updates. It was an email from My heart fluttered because I wasn’t expecting a reply. I sent my artworks to the team on the day of its deadline and I wasn’t even sure my works are worthy to be placed in an exhibit after not making the cut for Woman Create’s 365 Wonders planner and ALPAS Journal’s literary magazine.  And then I remembered ALPAS Journal’s email regarding my job application last summer and my submission for their second issue informing me that they won’t be able to move forward with my application and that they won’t be able to include my works in the upcoming issue of ALPAS Journal.

I tapped to read the whole email and while it was loading, I lowered my expectation and expected the worst. During those few seconds I said to myself, “Maybe this is another email informing me that my works didn’t make the cut, I am so used to rejection that I won’t be surprised if that email states that my artworks won’t be included in the art exhibit”

So the email finally loaded and as I read through the message, my jaw dropped. I stood my from my seat and spun around like Hermione during the Yule Ball scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire after spending a wonderful night with Viktor Krum. I read the letter twice just to make sure and process all the details. Once I knew that I wasn’t dreaming and the email is legit saying that filed is happy to take care of the printing and inviting me to drop by the event to see my works displayed, I ran into the next room and asked my mom if I could go to Century City Mall in Makati to go to the event on Saturday. Her eyebrows knitted and I knew she was about to question my reasons since first, I have no idea where the venue is and second, she already has plans on Saturday. But her face lit up once I told her that Filed included my artworks for their Planner Launch Art Exhibit.

It was the day of the event and though I wanted to be a walk-in to register and listen to the inspiring and talented speakers who will give talks about business, freelance, branding, blogging and entrepreneurship, I sacrificed it and skipped it to attend my classes.

On our way to the event, we experienced a lot of bumps and bad luck. We had to go through severe traffic caused by road blocking for the ASEAN Summit 2017. It took us three hours to arrive in Makati Circle, from there we went walking around in circle trying to find a ride to Century City Mall.




We arrived at the venue at 4:30. I instantly saw my visual artwork of Holland Roden. After taking a few pictures, I was kind of disappointed because we went through all that trouble just to see a miniature printed form of my artwork but then I saw my watercolor typography of a quote from Rainbow Rowell’s book, Eleanor and Park and my heart jumped seeing it and right beside it was the collage I made for our Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions class. Finally, at the very top right corner of the wall, I saw my newly edited artwork of Wonder Woman/Gal Gadot.  I was smiling from ear to ear seeing all four of my artworks displayed in an art exhibit.

It was the first time my artworks got included  in an art exhibit and I would definitely like to thank Filed for making one of my goals in life come true; getting my artworks displayed in art exhibit. It was an exhausting day but the heat, the traffic, the long walks and the pain of my aching legs were worth feeling the euphoria of seeing my artworks displayed in an art exhibit together with my fellow artists as we inspire and bring happiness to the attendees of the events through our artworks.

Farewell to Teen Wolf


This weekend is the most heartbreaking weekend for fans of MTV’s hit TV Series, Teen Wolf. It’s time to say a final farewell to the beloved show.

Teen Wolf aired on MTV back in 2011 and to be honest, I wasn’t part of the fandom since the very beginning because during that time, I was too busy obsessing over Tween Magazines and Disney Channel TV Shows to give any care about a show called Teen Wolf. Gods, I want to slap my 12-year-old self, she’s missing a lot in life. But that doesn’t mean that I am not a true fan because being a true fan means you’re with the fandom until the very end.

The show already finished airing Season 3B and on its way for a 4th season when I decided to watch the series. The curious fangirl in me wanted to know why this show is becoming so popular. What makes it so intriguing for viewers? Why the hell is everyone going crazy over this actor named Dylan O’Brien and his character, Stiles Stilinski?  It was all over my Tumblr dashboard that I even started shipping Stydia  before I watched Teen Wolf. That’s the impact the show has on me.

Eventually, I became part of the fandom. I became a die-hard fan for this show about a teenage boy’s journey as he navigates his life as a high schooler and a newly bitten werewolf (As if high school isn’t difficult enough).  I became hooked by the end of the pilot episode. I spent the whole summer of 2014 binge watching season one to three and I immediately fell in love with every sarcastic remark Stiles gives, with every outfit Lydia wears, with every story arc and with the bond the characters share.

Teen Wolf gave us six thrilling seasons in the last six years. While some were definitely well crafted, well written and well though of, some seasons—especially the last few were kind of made just for the sake of having viewers. The writing became dull and choppy. Nevertheless, the show is amazing as a whole. Below is my official ranking for all the seasons of the series.

Ranking Teen Wolf Seasons

  1. Teen Wolf Season 3A
  2. Teen Wolf Season 3B
  3. Teen Wolf Season 2
  4. Teen Wolf Season 6A
  5. Teen Wolf Season 1
  6. Teen Wolf Season 6B
  7. Teen Wolf Season 4
  8. Teen Wolf Season 5

When Jeff Davis announced that Season 6 is the last season of Teen Wolf back in San Diego Comic Con 2016, it was like a bomb thrown at us (the fans) and we inevitably can’t dodge it. I knew that one way or another the show will have to end but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. I expected the show to reach 7 or 8 seasons at most. The news was hard to process as I continue to watch the trailer for Season 6A and the only thing running through my mind is that how can this be the final season already?

I’m not prepared.

Nobody is.

It’s been a year since Jeff announced the tragic news and now, we’re only a few hours away from the series finale. THE SERIES FINALE, YOU GUYS! (Curls in the corner of my room and cry my eyes out).

Teen Wolf will always have a soft spot in my heart. It is one of the TV shows that made me realize that I want to work on a TV set/production someday. The only thing that breaks my heart is that I won’t get to experience working on the set of Teen Wolf because by the time I graduate college, it’s over. It’s done. It’s finished. I feel so downcast knowing that I won’t be able to work with the whole cast and crew of Teen Wolf but hearing that they’re planning to have a spin-off of the show gives me hope that I might still be able to experience working in the Teen Wolf universe but still, working for the original is better.

((This might sound embarrassing or inspiring or weird but I already wrote my own story for any additional Teen Wolf seasons. It started out as an idea for a fan fiction but I realized my story can be a good story arc for a 12 episode season. Is it weird that I added original characters and one of them is a direwolf?))

I never want Teen Wolf to end but, alas, all good things must come to an end, right? Looking at it, I am thankful that they still gave us one final season and didn’t immediately cancel the show without having to say a proper farewell.

I am not yet ready to say goodbye to a TV Series that made feel like I am part of something, like I am there—fighting alongside the pack, solving mysteries with Stiles and Lydia, saving Beacon Hills from different threats and just plain enjoying fun moments with the pack and as a resident of the town known as the beacon for all things supernatural.

Please tune in to the series finale of Teen Wolf, even though I know it’s going to be heartbreaking to watch, I’ll stay with the pack until no matter what.




All Time Low: The Young Renegades Tour (Manila 2017)

The first time All Time Low set foot on Philippine soil and performed in front of thousand Filipino Hustlers was in year 2011. Their second time around was two years ago, August 12, 2015. It was heartbreaking to know that my favorite band will perform (together with The Main as an opening act) at Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City and I won’t get to see them. Academics, killer and exhausting practice for our Sabayang Pagbigkas prevented me from going. But now, it’s their third time here in the Philippines and I didn’t miss it for the world.

The concert was part of my 18th birthday celebration. Originally, I was supposed to go to Coldplay: A Head full of Dreams Tour but sadly, the concert tickets were sold out even before 2017 came. April 4, 2017 was the day I promised myself that as long as I have money and time, I won’t be #TeamBahay (a term used by Filipinos when you’re not going to an event) for any concerts ever again. My social media accounts were blowing up with Coldplay AHFOD Tour in Manila posts. I never felt such jealousy in my life so when news broke that All Time Low, my fave band is performing in Manila for the third time around, I grabbed the chance and had one of the best nights of my life.

Short prologue prior to concert night, I was anxious (as fuck) because academics kinda got in the way. The night before, I found out that backpacks were not allowed inside the arena, this caused me to ditch my backpack and opt for a small shoulder bag. Thinking about it, this is kind of hassle to my part since I’ll be attending classes before heading to the arena, meaning I have to play Hunger Games with my school stuff—which supplies do I have to ditch and which stuff do I bring with me. Next, I need to get my registration form from the UST SHS Office but office hours resumes at 1:15 pm and my class ends at 12 noon, so I have to wait a little longer before I leave uni. I also have PE class on Tuesdays, from 3-5 pm. It was supposed to be our first swimming class for the semester and I’m nervous about missing out on swimming lessons and techniques. I decided to skip swimming class even though the show starts 7:30 pm and my PE class ends at 5 pm because traffic in the city is unpredictable. But God is good all the time and all my worries went out the window when it was announced that classes were suspended because of monsoon rains.

I arrived at the venue at 3 PM and it was already packed with Hustlers, hustling their way inside the arena. (Yes, pun intended). You can easily identify the concert goers judging from the outfits—denim jackets, denim jackets everywhere!

It was already past 5 PM when I decided to get in line and holyyyy it was damn long line. It was almost seven when I got into the arena and arrived on my seat. My first thought when I sat down was, ‘Wow the show haven’t started yet and I am already broke’. I bought an All Time Low light up crown and the official poster of The Young Renegades Tour and you guys know what? I am broke but happy.

At exactly, 7:30 PM, the band, As It Is came out on stage and started the show. To be honest, I wasn’t really familiar with the band. I’ve heard some of their songs once and that’s it. I really wished it was The Maine performing up there or even Tegan and Sara but after seeing them perform live, they made me think otherwise. I promised myself that as soon as I got home, I’m gonna download their songs and rock out to the tune of their music.


It was a long wait before All Time Low finally took the stage. The lights went out, the screen on stage started showing visuals, the band came out on stage and then Last Young Renegade’s tune erupted and everyone went wild.

All Time Low Young Renegades Tour Set list:

  • Last Young Renegade
  • Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
  • Runaways
  • Backseat Serenade
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Nice2Knou
  • Missing You
  • Cinderblock Garden
  • Vegas
  • Something’s Gotta Give
  • Therapy
  • Weightless
  • Life of the Party
  • Lost in Stereo
  • Good Times
  • Kids In The Dark
  • Drugs & Candy
  • Dear Maria, Count Me In

When Last Young Renegade was playing, I felt like I was on cloud nine. I was filled with so much euphoria all I can think about that time was how I am very lucky to see my favorite band live. It was exhilarating living in the moment, dancing and singing with the band and fellow hustlers after a lot of things tried to prevent me from going.

‘I am here. I can’t believe I’m really here’

Confession time: I almost teared up when Therapy was played. Therapy is one of my go to songs when I feel sad, alone and when nothing feels right anymore and hearing Alex Gaskarth play it live, it’s really emotional–it’s sentimental.

I really wished they played ‘Somewhere in Neverland’, ‘If These Sheets Were the States’, ‘Afterglow’, ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Ground Control’ (and low key hoping Tegan & Sara would come out and surprise us) but there’s always a next time sooo wink wink

When Alex announced that they only have three more songs left, I was like: ‘Wait, what? It’s almost over? That can’t be!’ I guess it’s true that time flies by so fast when you’re having a good time. Alas, all good things must come to an end.

The show concluded with everyone singing Dear Maria Count Me In at the top of our lungs and being showered with confetti. And I. Want. More. The band didn’t have an encore, but one thing’s for sure, when they come back in Manila for a fourth show, oh my, Dear Maria, count me in.