Too Broken To See


I don’t know how I became so foolish.

I didn’t see it coming

I guess I thought I have mistaken it for friendship

Since I was broken, alone and in the state of solidarity

Willow sighed as she read the poem she had written a while ago. She slouched back on the bench she was sitting on in the middle of a beautiful park in Indianapolis. She adjusted her glasses since it was boring into the bridge of her nose. She was so sure it would leave a red mark but she didn’t care because the mark that her friend left her was far worst.

I feel so abused

I’ve just been used

You broke my walls

And let me fall

You we’re supposed to be my friend

Sadly, it hurts to see our friendship end

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Friends For Keeps

I was cleaning my room and found a poem I made for our Activity in Values Education during 9th grade and thought that I should share it to the world.

This is just a silly little poem from 9th grade but still, it has a deep meaning to it.Originally titled ‘Friendship’, I changed the title to ‘Friends for Keeps’.



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