Thoughts on Riverdale

I don’t fully remember reading Archie comics back then, all I’ve got are bits and pieces of my memories  from my childhood. Archie comics debuted back in 1939 and is still popular until today. During the early 2000’s, my cousins, who were teenagers that time are obsessed with the comics and I, as a four-year old child would enjoy conversations with them about Archie comics even though I don’t really understand half of what’s happening in the comics. I would just enjoy looking at the pictures and one things for sure, I am in love with the characters  Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.

Anyway, I’m not here to reminisce about my childhood and how I barely remember reading (or looking) at Archie comics. I am here to discuss about the awesome new show based on the Archie comics’ characters, Riverdale.

Warning: May contain spoilers to those who haven’t watched Riverdale yet…and major feels and fangirling that caused this blog post to be somewhat informal (?)

Riverdale premiered last January 26, 2017. The show is a mystery, teen drama that revolves around the lives of Archie Andrews, a teenage boy who’s trying to balance his love for music and football; Betty Cooper, the town’s girl next door and Archie’s best friend; Veronica Lodge, the rich new girl who moved from New York to Riverdale because of her father’s imprisonment and Jughead Jones, the resident emo kid who’s currently trying to write a novel and helping Betty Cooper solve the mystery Jason Blossom’s murder.

The series also follows the lives of Hermione Lodge, Veronica’s mother; Fred Andrews, Archie’s father and the other Riverdale residents, the Blossoms, the Coopers, Josie and the Pussycats and FP, Jughead’s alcoholic father.

The Show’s Pacing

The pacing of the show is kinda fast. Betty and Archie’s friendship wasn’t explored that much. Betty was head over heels for her best friend Archie, she’s been in love with him since they were young and when Archie admitted that he doesn’t return the feeling, Betty was so broken-hearted and now it’s hard to believe that she’s over Archie already in just a short period of time and now currently dating Jughead.  I get that some people say that she got over it but I wish the writers  showed how she’s trying to heal from being rejected. Don’t worry I’m not against Bughead because I’m a major bughead shipper but I wish we could have seen more of Betty and Archie fixing their relationship after that confession on the night of the dance. I really hope that we would see more of Betty and Archie acting like they’re really best friends.

Another thing that I felt was really rushed was Valarchie, Archie and Valerie’s relationship. Archie got over Ms. Grundy so fast which is so weird, and this got me thinking that wow, Riverdale residents are a pro in moving on. I was expecting him to be single and loveless for a few episodes after Ms. Grundy’s departure but I was surprised to see the writers just throw another love interest for Archie. Valerie’s talented, though the actress playing her should show more facial expression but I think it’s kind of part of Val’s character, chill and casual. She’s a great love interest for Archie,  but I think it would have been better to see them grow and develop into friends first rather than just spending one episode together and then they suddenly kiss and then become a ‘thing’,  then we don’t get to see Valerie in the next two episodes and when we do, she’s casually walking the street in the middle of winter and breaking things off with Archie when he arrived to join her.

Some pieces weren’t thoroughly explored either, the writers would bring it up and then suddenly it’s not talked about or it just disappears in the next few episodes. Though I think it is part of the story line to give the viewers the whole mysterious atmosphere and vibe of the show.

I read a lot of comments from other people saying that Riverdale needs to slow down, and yes I agree but if you look at it, they only have thirteen episodes to fit all the story line and I guess they didn’t want to us to wait until season 2 to find out who killed Jason Blossom. But yeah, maybe some side story should have been introduced on the show’s second season

The storyline

The plot of the show is definitely different from the comics. The show is dark, mysterious and exciting.

The characters (and cast)

I love Lili Reinhart but I’m still skeptical about her playing Betty. I don’t know, I feel like they could have casted a more fitted actress to play Betty? (Don’t hate me!) I hope I get use to her and accept her soon because Bughead and Sprousehart are life.

Is it me or does Cheryl Blossom looks like Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf sometimes? I like Cheryl actually, I believe she’s only cold-hearted and mean because of her environment, she may be mean, spoiled and a bitch (sometimes) but I know deep down she’s just a helpless and confused girl who just wants to be accepted like everyone does to her brother, Jason.

I would also like more screen time for Kevin, Reggie, Ethel and Josie and the pussycats.


As always, in any fandom, ship wars are inevitable but what’s funny in the Riverdale fandom is that everyone seems to be shipping everyone with everyone.

If anyone would ask me what ship I support most, I think I already stated it above, BUGHEAD. Jughead acts all tough and emotionless in front of everybody but when he’s with Betty, he becomes sweet and soft. I think he only shows that side of him to Betty which is cute

To be honest, I don’t know who to ship Veronica with—my best choice is Reggie but this season I want to see Veronica be an independent, fierce and strong girl before going into a relationship but a part of me say that it wouldn’t be bad if she’s stays single. I feel like no guy can handle her toughness.

Though we only got see Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper’s relationship through flashbacks, their forbidden love story makes me sober. Their love story is torn out from Romeo and Juliet and it’s sad that Jason won’t see his twin babies grow (Major Finnick Odair feels). I have a feeling that he would have been a great father and a caring, loving husband to Polly. I know their plan of raising their own family at such a young age is crazy but I can imagine Jason being happy and cute as he plays with his twins.

It would be too basic if Archie ends up with Veronica but I never see them as a couple, I think it would be better if they’re just really good friends. Though it would be really fun to see Archie get jealous of Bughead but I hope he’s won’t tear up Bughead. I just want Archie to realize that he had his chance with Betty but he turned her down. Valarchie’s nice and I like it though it need more development because their relationship seems flat? Archie and Grundy’s relationship made me cringe, so yeah, Valarchie. I also have thoughts about Archie and Cheryl but it would be nice if their relationship becomes platonic in the end with Archie always looking out for Cheryl like what Jason does.


I’m the kind of person who notices not just the output we see on the screen. I also pay attention and wonder how a masterpiece has been created—how was it written, how did they film this scene, and how the hell do the musical scorers find such amazing soundtrack!

Yes, I’m the kind of person who notices the music on the background and would instantly fall in love with song. Riverdale’s soundtrack is something new and timely. Some songs contains electro pop, I’m not usually a fan of electro pop, I only listen to few but they way the musical scorers used these songs in Riverdale was very fitting.

The soundtrack also contains original songs from the show, songs performed by Josie and the Pussycats and Archie Andrews’ melodic acoustic songs.

Scream + PLL = Riverdale

Riverdale is being compared to MTV’s Scream and Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars. I agree that it has elements similar to Scream and Pretty Little Liars but I believe that Riverdale is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Who’s the Killer?

Basically, I have no idea. I am not certain but I have a few guesses.

It could be Hal Cooper because of his hatred for the Blossoms. Maybe when he found out that his daughter Polly is pregnant with Jason Blossom’s child, it was enough to make his blood boil and loathe the Blossoms even more and kill the red-headed boy who ruined his daughter’s life.

It could be FP, Jughead’s father. I know his somehow involved with the murder, maybe he was paid by Hal Cooper to kill Jason? Or for another reason maybe?

I’m curious about Ms. Grundy though, I mean why would the writers bring her character to Riverdale if she’s not somehow involved? I don’t know if her story isn’t over and we’ll see her in Riverdale again soon enough.

It could also be someone no one suspects because that’s how the killers are usually revealed in this kind of genre or it’s someone we don’t know yet but I hope it’s not gonna be a big let down.

Anyway, Riverdale is addicting. I know some people disagree with me saying that it’s not anything like the comics and the characters seems off and somewhat different from their comic counterpart and the whole show is losing its essence and became too dark, but if you look at Riverdale as just Riverdale, a teen drama television series, it’s actually a really good show.


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