Too Broken To See


I don’t know how I became so foolish.

I didn’t see it coming

I guess I thought I have mistaken it for friendship

Since I was broken, alone and in the state of solidarity

Willow sighed as she read the poem she had written a while ago. She slouched back on the bench she was sitting on in the middle of a beautiful park in Indianapolis. She adjusted her glasses since it was boring into the bridge of her nose. She was so sure it would leave a red mark but she didn’t care because the mark that her friend left her was far worst.

I feel so abused

I’ve just been used

You broke my walls

And let me fall

You we’re supposed to be my friend

Sadly, it hurts to see our friendship end

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Dear 2016 (Somethin’ Personal)

Dear 2016,

I’m gonna lie if I say you were great because you weren’t. You were a pain in the ass, you were full of shit. You made me cry and laugh and cry and cry…but thanks.

You made me stronger. I learned a lot from you. You made me realize that I am stronger than I think I am.

If I would explain you in percentage I think you would be 40% great and 60% shitty.

So here’s a letter–an overview of my bests and worst during your reign for the past year with all your shenanigans and surprises that not only left me shocked but the whole world. (Trump? Really?)

Now hang in there because this is one hell of a letter.

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Peter Pan (2003)



The American/Canadian Theatrical release poster

Directed by: P.J. Hogan

Screenplay by: P.J. Hogan and Michael Goldenberg

Starring: Jason Isaacs, Jeremy Sumpter, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Olivia Williams

Genre: Fantasy

Running Time: 109 minutes

Release Date: December 25, 2003 (United States and Canada)

Based on: J.M. Barrie’s Peter and Wendy

Synopsis: The Darling family children receive a visit from Peter Pan, who takes them to Never Never Land where an ongoing war with the evil Pirate Captain Hook is taking place.

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Being Yourself—and Different—Is Okay

Hey guys! Remember my post “When You’re Still Trying To Find Your Purpose”? I told you that it was my second article  featured on and I decided to post the first one here on my wordpress blog.

This is an article I made for our Journalism class and I decided to send it without really expecting to be featured because well, the website says, “If you’re lucky, you might get featured in our website” and if luck is a magnet, I’m made of wood,  but I crossed my fingers, so here it is.

Reading the title, you readers will already have an idea what my article is about but nevertheless, I’m still here to talk about a very important aspect in life that we should all be.


Credits to Trixie Ison of

We can’t deny how much messed up the world is and how society is never pleased. In the world we’re living in, why are we so afraid of being different and being ourselves in front of everybody despite the numerous quotes we read and hear every day about just being ourselves? One word: Fear. We’re afraid of not being accepted by society and we fear judgement. Let’s face the ugly truth, society tells us to be ourselves then they judge us.

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Finally a Thomasian!

The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, the Catholic University of the Philippines, the oldest University in Asia and home of the Growling Tigers!

It’s been a busy week for me, and all other Senior High School students of University of Santo Tomas. Our week was full of activities:

August 1- Orientation
August 3- University Wide Orientation (Freshmen Roarientation)
August 4- Orientation
August 5- Thomasian Welcome Walk

It’s a good thing we had no classes last Tuesday for it was Misa de Apertura,  a mass attended by the University’s faculty and administrators to give thanks and guidance to Lord Our Father for the upcoming school year.

The highlight of my week was definitely the ROARientation and of course, the Thomasian Welcome Walk.

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Friends For Keeps

I was cleaning my room and found a poem I made for our Activity in Values Education during 9th grade and thought that I should share it to the world.

This is just a silly little poem from 9th grade but still, it has a deep meaning to it.Originally titled ‘Friendship’, I changed the title to ‘Friends for Keeps’.



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Facing up to Youth’s Angst


Photo taken from; credits to owner


Youth is a wonderful gift from God. We must use it wisely because we will never be as young as we are now. We teenagers are the most misunderstood human beings to walk on the terrains of Earth. People expect us to act our age, but the truth is we don’t don’t how to act correctly. We have never been this young and old in our life. Our teenage years is the phase of our life wherein we are too old and young to do half the things in life.

Our generation is often called as “The Wild Generation” or “The Wild Youth”. Ever wonder why the past generation of teenagers are golden and pure? The ignorance and reckless acts we teenagers do results to teen angst or teen anxiety. Teen angst is when teenagers, combined with their hormones and stress in life results to depression. This illness is epidemic and striking many teenagers in our society.  We teenagers cannot avoid doing such idiotic things. Studies says, teenagers are risk takers and often take stupid risks that adults won’t. Many adults are not aware of this disease of the mind. Parents are often caught in a crossfire. And since some of us are experts in keeping our thoughts and feelings bottled up, most parents are not aware of their child’s mental health.

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Dramione: A Collection of Dramione One Shots

I’m sure every one of us here knows or even heard the name ‘Harry Potter’, and  we all have the slightest idea about it. Every corner of the world does. And if you’re a part of the Harry Potter fandom, I know you are all familiar with the word ‘shipping’.  Every fangirl or fanboy does.

There are also some words associated with the word shipping. For instance, Canon and Non Canon ships. There is also the abbreviation OTP which basically means ‘One True Pairing’. All these terms are used in media fandom.

Today, I want to share with all of you lovely readers my love for my Non Canon OTP, Dramione.

Dramione is the ship name for Slytherin badass Draco Malfoy and Gryffindor Bookworm, Hermione Granger.

I know J.K. Rowling didn’t make this ship  canon but she did state in an interview that Draco Malfoy constantly teases Hermione Granger because of his slight admiration for her. Oh how I wish that J.K. Rowling just made Draco admit his feelings for Hermione and they both lived happily ever after. The End.

But alas, that’s not what the queen had in mind.

So now, I’ll just forever satisfy my thirst for Dramione in fan fictions, one shots, edits and videos posted on the internet.

In fact, my love for my OTP even ended with me dedicating a whole book of one shots for them. Thus, Dramione: A Collection of Dramione One Shots was born.


I created this book of One Shots because I wanted to write the possibilities of romance between the two. And honestly, all I can say is: THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!


Here’s an overview of the collection:

Dramione: A Collection of Dramione One Shots… well the title of this book really sums up the whole book. This book is full Dramione one shots and In case you guys get confused why on earth did this book started off during their first year then the next chapter they’re in their older years then again on later chapters back on their younger years… this book is not in chronological order. If ever an idea just pops up in my head I would just write it. 

Originally posted on Wattpad. Click here to fall in love with their story more than once: Dramione: A Collection of Dramione One Shots

Sweeter than Fiction (A Nico di Angelo Fan Fic )

Any Percy Jackson and the Olympians fans out there? Heroes of Olympus? Specifically, Nico di Angelo fans…where are my Nico fangirls at?

If you guys are looking for Nico di Angelo fan fiction, then I have one right here! I wrote this story two years ago when I was still in 8th grade and when I was madly and deeply in love with Nico di Angelo (Then I found out he’s gay…and prefers boys over girls)

But nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from writing a fan fiction about him.


Here’s an overview of the story:

Sweeter than Fiction Cover NDA FF_zpscsba5xxu


“Nico di Angelo and Avery Malfoy are best friends for two years already. They started to be best friends at age fourteen after Nico and the seven defeated Gaea.

Sure Nico is a lonely kid who’d rather be alone in the dark but when he met Avery he would prefer to be alone with Avery in the dark…maybe because she is gives light to Nico’s gloomy world. They would hang out at his cabin since there is no one there but Nico. They would open up, be silly, be weird, be psychos together.. Hey that’s what best friends do…right?

Throughout all those years, they never realized their true feelings for each other… until now.

All along they just thought that they’ll just end up as best friends and keep hesitating whether to tell their true feelings for one another or just keep it within themselves when there is a big possibility that they can be more than that. They can be a …couple.

Avery has never, ever, in the name of whoever made Amortentia dreamt of having a romantic love story with someone until at age sixteen. She would always dream of a love story like Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione… even the Forbbiden Love Story of Draco and Hermione seems so sweet. Or a love story like Peeta and Katniss or Finnick and Annie or Clary and Jace or Becky Bloomwood and Luke Brandon from the Shopaholic series and movie or R and Julie from the movie Warm Bodies or Ethan and Lena’s destiny love story or any other love stories she have read and watched in movies. But she would always say it’s impossible since those cheesy love stories only happens in movies, books or TV series…. They only happen in Fiction stories…

Or that’s what she thought…”

As the caption states, I chose Asa Butterfield as the face claim of Nico di Angelo in my story. I was astounded on his role as Hugo Cabret in the movie Hugo. He truly looks like Nico di Angelo and if ever the Percy Jackson movie franchise decided to continue or remake the movie, I think they should absolutely cast Asa as Nico.

Avery Malfoy is an original character of mine. I adore Asa and Chloe Grace’s chemistry on the movie ‘Hugo’ that I ended up casting Chloe as Avery.

Originally posted on Wattpad. Click here to read the full story: Sweeter Than Fiction (A Nico di Angelo Fan Fic)


When You’re Still Trying To Find Your Purpose

Hey Guys! I have amazing news!

Another one of my article got published on The first one was ‘Being Yourself–and Different is Okay’. It was published on February 24, 2016. Sadly, I was quite busy with school life and it was late when I found out my article got featured. I was so happy and proud that time. Getting published on my favorite magazine’s website is surreal. I liked the blissful and satisying feeling of seeing your name on the byline so I thought of sending more articles.

So yesterday, when I logged in on Candy Magazine’s website, my heart lurched with excitement and my eyes grew wide when I saw a familiar name on an article’s byline. It was my name. I didn’t realize the article was mine because it was originally entitled: ‘To a Nobody finding her purpose to be a Somebody’. But I guess Candy Magazine changed it. Lol, I have to admit I struggled with finding the perfect title for the article.

And here it is everybody, my second article that got featured on the pages of



Credits to the’s talented graphic designer Ms. Clare Magno for the beautiful article cover


“You’re 16, and life isn’t supposed to be figured out yet.”

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