Caring Cup #ArtThatEmpowers: I Will Not Be Silent


It has been four months since I saw a post by Caring Cup, an online community of the brand The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, announcing that they will be having a contest with the theme #ArtForEmpowerment in celebration of Women’s Month and chosen artworks will be made into greeting cards in partnership with Paper Project PH.

For someone who has experienced the euphoria of submitting artworks and getting them included in two different art exhibits, I didn’t want to let this opportunity pass, I was feeling optimistic and hopeful so I hastily opened my calendar from my iPad and set its deadline; at the very last day of Women’s month.

Before I submitted my lovely art piece I had to endure weeks of artist’s block. The days passed by until suddenly, the deadline was a just a week away, plus drowning in school work and preliminary examinations didn’t help at all. Luckily, Easter break came right after the last day of exams and I finally had the time to focus on my artwork. However, it doesn’t mean that I finally had the time means I can get work done easily. Having no motivations and inspiration hindered me from finishing my work, I created various artworks but I knew in my heart that it just wasn’t right; the piece lacks grandeur, it’s not picturesque enough or does not have a connection to me, therefore might not have the same connection to the beholders.

I was ready to drop the contest when inspiration hit me (I know cliche, right?).Β  Thus, my artwork entitled: “I Will Not Be Silent” was born.

I Will Not Be Silent


Here’s the story behind the artwork:

I Will Not Be Silent is inspired by Madeleine Albright. I chose this quote because women empowerment is becoming a very prominent act all over the world, and recently several movement has inspired women to come out of the shadows and share their story to the world, whether if it’s a good and inspiring story or a tragic one. For a long time women didn’t have a voice. They didn’t have a say on certain fields; they have always been looked down because the world has been accustomed to a patriarchal system. But now, women are starting to have a VOICE. Women everywhere are starting to get heard and once a woman finds her voice, she will never back down and never be silenced again.


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