UST Senior High School Week

Last February 14-18, 2017, University of Santo Tomas held its very first UST Senior High School Week…and it was pretty exciting for an event happening for the first time.


Senior High School students of University of Santo Tomas has been anticipating Senior High School Week ever since it was announced that we’re going to have one. This event got me curious (and I’m sure I’m not just the only one), I have no idea how SHS week will go. I’m thrilled for the parade and booths but they were all cancelled a week before the event. That got me bummed because I think those two will be the life of the whole week.

Faculty members and students were cramming and stressing (the fck out) a week before SHS week. Exhibits weren’t ready, the production team has only two or three days to practice their performances, and some students are sent to different places to buy materials for our strand exhibits.


The SHS Week opening was my favorite part of the week. It started with a Eucharistic Celebration at the Quadricentennial Pavilion followed by the most blood pumping, adrenaline part of the opening, the UST Drumline and the performances of each strand.

Each strand has their own color to be identified:

  • STEM- Black
  • ABM- Green
  • HUMSS- Blue
  • HA- Red
  • MAD- Orange
  • PES- Pink

My heart was thumping to the beat of the drums during UST Drumline’s performance. It brought memories from Freshmen Orientation only this time, I really felt like a true Thomasian because I already went to hell and back (I survived First Sem, peeps!) Plus, everytime I hear the Yellow Jackets hitting the drum with every strength they’ve got while my fellow Thomasians and I sing our hearts out as we cheer ‘GO USTE!’ makes me feel alive. I become hyper and just wild out with my blockmates.

When it was our strand’s performance, I can’t help but feel proud for my strand–from the video presentation (wow, they really put great effort in that video, watch it here) up to the performance itself. As some people said, it wasn’t perfect (damn you technical difficulties, justice for our cheer) but it was still beautiful.

‘HUMSS ka lang’ turned to ‘HUMSS yan eh!’

Shot out to the other strands for their amazing video presentation and performance too.


Throughout the whole day, I kept forgetting that it was the day of hearts. I’m not bitter and all but I was glad this is how I spent my Valentine’s day–enjoying every moment of the opening, cheering my heart for my strand and having the best moments with my friends.



Day 2 of the SHS week: Though my curriculum wasn’t required to go to school that day, my friends and I decided to go anyway since we wanted to attend HA Write and Analyze Seminar and HA Art. To kill time we decided to visit other exhibits and I completely fell in love with GENESIS: The Beginning of Everything; A Catharsis exhibit by the Atelier club. Every art displayed was astounding. One of my friend’s art earned a spot in the exhibit too. Some of the artworks are from the Atelier Club submissions when they’re recruiting for young artists. I can’t help but feel bad for myself, I was planning on joining Atelier but was too late and I can’t help but wonder, what if I sent my submissions? Will I get accepted to Atelier? Will my artworks be part of the exhibit? A lot of ‘What ifs’ crossed my mind, but I can’t do anything about it now but just regret. Oh well, there’s always a next time.

Other exhibits I visited:

  • Tanikala (Philosophy Exhibit)
  • PD Magazines
  • Larawan, Kasaysayan, Lipunan (HUMSS Exhibit)
  • Planetarium
  • Science Interactive Exhibit


Excitement tuned down for Wednesday and Thurday for it was the time alloted for exhibits and ALCs, but when Friday came, boy oh boy #HIGHbreed Cultural Show made students wild again with perfomances by Selah Galvanize, Spoken Word Poetry, Ballet and of course, the performances that made the audiences of Highbreed lash out with exhiliration, Faculty performances!

Never have I seen a principal sing to an enormous crowd of the department she handles. Everyone in the ballroom cheered for Ma’am Pilar. She’s friendly, approachable and lively. Indeed, Ms. Pilar Romero is the best principal ever!

AM was for the Highbreed Cultural show and I spent the rest of my afternoon watching On the Spot Painting Contest and Chalk Art Competition hosted by the Atelier Club. This is also one of my favorite part of SHS week. Watching people make art is therapeutic. It made me want to grab my watercolor pad and watercolors and make art myself but sadly, I don’t have my essentials with me.

Though the scheduling, mapping and system or flow of the some ALCs were a bit disorganized, I really hope that next year’s Senior High School week is more orderly and exciting.

Kudos to all the people involved in making the very first SHS Week successful. I’m really glad that I’m part of the pioneer batch of UST SHS who experienced the first Senior High School Week of University of Santo Tomas.


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