Friends For Keeps

I was cleaning my room and found a poem I made for our Activity in Values Education during 9th grade and thought that I should share it to the world.

This is just a silly little poem from 9th grade but still, it has a deep meaning to it.Originally titled ‘Friendship’, I changed the title to ‘Friends for Keeps’.



We are all unique
And that’s all we have to believe
In the eyes of the Father, we are all the same
But living and playing a different game

Along the journey you’ll meet strangers
At first it will be absurd
But then you’ll learn how to say a word
And when you find your most bona fide friends, trust me they’ll save you from any danger

It’s great to find serendipity
It gives you a sense of felicity
Especially finding your own clique of friends
With them you’ll feel like the day will never end

Treat them like the stars above
And give them such great love
Because when they know you are breaking,
They’ll be there to stop your heart from aching

And when they need a shoulder to cry on
Be there and tell them that life goes on
Don’t even let them face the world alone
Guide them through the world that is yet to be known


Terrible, right? Some lines even made me cringe. Anyway, I just want to share it with you guys!


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