Facing up to Youth’s Angst


Photo taken from weheartit.com; credits to owner


Youth is a wonderful gift from God. We must use it wisely because we will never be as young as we are now. We teenagers are the most misunderstood human beings to walk on the terrains of Earth. People expect us to act our age, but the truth is we don’t don’t how to act correctly. We have never been this young and old in our life. Our teenage years is the phase of our life wherein we are too old and young to do half the things in life.

Our generation is often called as “The Wild Generation” or “The Wild Youth”. Ever wonder why the past generation of teenagers are golden and pure? The ignorance and reckless acts we teenagers do results to teen angst or teen anxiety. Teen angst is when teenagers, combined with their hormones and stress in life results to depression. This illness is epidemic and striking many teenagers in our society.  We teenagers cannot avoid doing such idiotic things. Studies says, teenagers are risk takers and often take stupid risks that adults won’t. Many adults are not aware of this disease of the mind. Parents are often caught in a crossfire. And since some of us are experts in keeping our thoughts and feelings bottled up, most parents are not aware of their child’s mental health.

Anxiety and depression are no joke. It is not a choice but an illness that if not prevented may lead to severe and violent actions that we will regret later in life. Some of these undesirable acts are getting into drug addiction, drinking alcoholic drinks at such a young age, smoking, cutting of one’s own flesh, being cold, callous and numb about everything and worst of all, taking of one’s own life. Most teens are experiencing youth angst. It is difficult to interact and do things with such uneasiness of the mind.

When we are losing hope and everything seems like pitch black and we feel like we are being swallowed by an endless abyss…we must not lose hope! Look beyond the darkness surrounding you and find even the slightest tint of light. Grip it tight and never let it go. Hang on to it because it symbolizes hope for everything. Believe that the darkness reminds us where light can be. Truth be told: The monsters that we truly fear the most and prevents us from living life to the fullest doesn’t live under our bed… it lives inside our head. The monster within us, eating our mind  is truly terrifying. Still, there are ways to tame the beast of our teen angst.

Take a long and relaxing walk. Let off steam and try to be as calm as possible and think all your thoughts through. The fresh air that infiltrates your nostrils will help you ease your anger and anxiety. Surrounding yourself to mother nature is much more relaxing and calming than to surround yourself inside of your room, sulking in the deepest and gloomiest corner of your room, thinking of what could’ve been and should’ve have been. The past is past. Either you stay that way or pick yourself up, raise your head up high and smile because life goes on no matter what. Let people around you wonder how you are still able to smile after all the obstacles you’ve been through. Life will keeping throwing challenges at you, but instead of saying ‘why me?’, say ‘try me’. That is what true greatness is. Music on, world off. Let’s admit it, people aren’t always there for us but music has been. No matter what genre, whether it be rock ‘n roll, pop, R& B, pop punk or indie rock, as long as it relaxes your mind, it will surely help you fight off anxiety.

It is difficult to face anxiety but we all have to tryto surpass it. We pity those teenagers who spent their teenage years hiding inside their room because they gave in to their fear instead of going out there and having adventures. These adventures can help us conquer our anxiety with no fear and with peace in our mind. These can help us to build our trust in ourselves and trust in our family, friends and relatives. And mostly in God, he will always be on our side no matter what. He will never leave us alone and he will always help us to conquer your anxiety in life.


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