Sweeter than Fiction (A Nico di Angelo Fan Fic )

Any Percy Jackson and the Olympians fans out there? Heroes of Olympus? Specifically, Nico di Angelo fans…where are my Nico fangirls at?

If you guys are looking for Nico di Angelo fan fiction, then I have one right here! I wrote this story two years ago when I was still in 8th grade and when I was madly and deeply in love with Nico di Angelo (Then I found out he’s gay…and prefers boys over girls)

But nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from writing a fan fiction about him.


Here’s an overview of the story:

Sweeter than Fiction Cover NDA FF_zpscsba5xxu


“Nico di Angelo and Avery Malfoy are best friends for two years already. They started to be best friends at age fourteen after Nico and the seven defeated Gaea.

Sure Nico is a lonely kid who’d rather be alone in the dark but when he met Avery he would prefer to be alone with Avery in the dark…maybe because she is gives light to Nico’s gloomy world. They would hang out at his cabin since there is no one there but Nico. They would open up, be silly, be weird, be psychos together.. Hey that’s what best friends do…right?

Throughout all those years, they never realized their true feelings for each other… until now.

All along they just thought that they’ll just end up as best friends and keep hesitating whether to tell their true feelings for one another or just keep it within themselves when there is a big possibility that they can be more than that. They can be a …couple.

Avery has never, ever, in the name of whoever made Amortentia dreamt of having a romantic love story with someone until at age sixteen. She would always dream of a love story like Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione… even the Forbbiden Love Story of Draco and Hermione seems so sweet. Or a love story like Peeta and Katniss or Finnick and Annie or Clary and Jace or Becky Bloomwood and Luke Brandon from the Shopaholic series and movie or R and Julie from the movie Warm Bodies or Ethan and Lena’s destiny love story or any other love stories she have read and watched in movies. But she would always say it’s impossible since those cheesy love stories only happens in movies, books or TV series…. They only happen in Fiction stories…

Or that’s what she thought…”

As the caption states, I chose Asa Butterfield as the face claim of Nico di Angelo in my story. I was astounded on his role as Hugo Cabret in the movie Hugo. He truly looks like Nico di Angelo and if ever the Percy Jackson movie franchise decided to continue or remake the movie, I think they should absolutely cast Asa as Nico.

Avery Malfoy is an original character of mine. I adore Asa and Chloe Grace’s chemistry on the movie ‘Hugo’ that I ended up casting Chloe as Avery.

Originally posted on Wattpad. Click here to read the full story: Sweeter Than Fiction (A Nico di Angelo Fan Fic)



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