When You’re Still Trying To Find Your Purpose

Hey Guys! I have amazing news!

Another one of my article got published on candymag.com The first one was ‘Being Yourself–and Different is Okay’. It was published on February 24, 2016. Sadly, I was quite busy with school life and it was late when I found out my article got featured. I was so happy and proud that time. Getting published on my favorite magazine’s website is surreal. I liked the blissful and satisying feeling of seeing your name on the byline so I thought of sending more articles.

So yesterday, when I logged in on Candy Magazine’s website, my heart lurched with excitement and my eyes grew wide when I saw a familiar name on an article’s byline. It was my name. I didn’t realize the article was mine because it was originally entitled: ‘To a Nobody finding her purpose to be a Somebody’. But I guess Candy Magazine changed it. Lol, I have to admit I struggled with finding the perfect title for the article.

And here it is everybody, my second article that got featured on the pages of candymag.com



Credits to the candymag.com’s talented graphic designer Ms. Clare Magno for the beautiful article cover


“You’re 16, and life isn’t supposed to be figured out yet.”


You’ve always wondered what’s your purpose in this amazing yet sometimes, messed up world. You’ve always believed that there’s a reason each one of us was placed in where we are right now. You’ve been eager to find out what’s yours and you still haven’t realized what that is yet. Countless times, you’ve stalked successful people’s social media accounts—sighing and wondering if you’ll ever be like them one day.

But right now, you’re making your way through high school, battling every challenge coming down the hallway, conquering mountains of homeworks and projects, trying to stay awake in those sleepless nights to study or deal with all the anxieties you’re having.


Here’s the thing: You’re 16 and it’s okay if you haven’t figured out your path in life yet. There’s still a lot of things you haven’t experienced, a lot of places waiting to be explored, a lot of risks and chances and opportunities you should be taking. All these things will help shape your future self and eventually, help you know what you’re here for.

candy 2.png

Planning sounds good as you prepare for your future, but don’t ever over-plan things. You’ve been so focused on the future that you’re forgetting about the present. Over-planning kills the magic. Live in the moment and go with the flow because sometimes, unplanned ones make the best memories.

You are not a nobody because you don’t just exist, you live every single day. Don’t get discouraged whenever someone your age gets their big break. Everybody works at their own pace. You’ll get there, you just have to work hard and wait. Don’t rush things.

I know it’s hard, and along the way you’ve experienced painful failures, losing yourself. The burdens, struggles, and fears you’ve faced wounded you and beat you up. You’ve also earned some painful memories that makes your chest ache. But remember this: they’re not tattoos that are forever inked on your skin; they’re just bruises that will disappear through time. The very painful ones are just wounds and like any other wound, they will heal too.

candy 3.png

You may not know your purpose now, but trust me, you will. Keep believing, keep walking. Stay positive and do what you do best.  We are all meant to be somebody.



So my lovely readers, any thoughts about my article? Leave a reply!

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